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The NGO has been operating with some sister organisations. They are reputable organisations and individuals or organisations are at liberty to deal with them. They are listed below:

Progrex Financial Services (PFS)
British Bachelor of Laws Students Association (BBOLSA)
Chartered Institute of Legal Excutive ( CiLEX)
AiDAC Consult
Dakhall Institute

Kindly read briefly about what they do from the announcement section at the extreme right of this site.

The national executives of British Bachelor of Law students Association (BBOLSA)-Ghana, would want you to become member of the Association to pursue one positive common agenda ie to promote London University LLB in Ghana and to help our members in diverse ways. Our membership cut across students of Zenith University (Accra) PCC(Kumasi), Empire Africa Institute(Accra), Dakhall Institute(Kumasi), Kessben University College(Kumasi) and all those learning on their own. Our membership also covers all SHS students. Make this Association great by becoming a member and also recommend it to others.

AiDAC consult is an enterprise which seeks to recruit students on specific courses for Universities and organizations in Ghana and abroad both private and public. Organizations they are recruiting for currently include: University of Cape Coast, University of Education-Winneba, KNUST, Legon, University of London, Dakhall etc.

Dakhall Institute only provides teaching support for LLB and other courses. It is a company limited by shares but not not a school offering their own certificates.  Achieving some of the prestigious degrees from the University of London international programmes is not a walkover, like the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) so everybody on this programme is encouraged to plan their time well and study hard in order to pass. The LLB degree offers a greater opportunity for those who want to have legal brain or aspiring to be lawyers in future.

Once you have the minimum qualification and you are interested in pursuing LAW, then join Dakhall Institute. They have now moved from KOTWI to Odeneho Kwadaso, El Shadai New site.