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Membership in the foundation is necessary to help the NGO know the individual needs. This is done by completing the online membership form and submitting them to our office. Membership fees is GH¢ 50. After the form has been submitted on line, membership must be completed by sending the membership fees through Airtel money to 0269-717 510 or Mobile Money to 0544 750 230 (please send your name and the business name of where you sent the money by a text message to 0269-717 510 for easy identification). Membership fees for masters is GH¢100. The following categories of people qualify to register.

Masters of the various vocations

All apprentices

Those who want learn a vocation

Second cycle institutions students

Petty traders(We also put up mini structures for fried rice sellers, indomie sellers, egg & tea sellers, credit cards sellers etc.)

Those who want to learn English language in 3 or 6 or 12 months

All apprentices are encouraged to register because we provide capital/containers/shops of their own after the apprenticeship. A graduation ceremony shall be held for them after their apprenticeship where a ‘certificate of competence’ is issued to them. There are no monthly meetings but a member can take advantage to attend our quarterly insightful programmes. Among some of the topics that are treated include: customer care, how to own a business, how to expand your business, dealing with business risks, how to make an investment, learning of multiple skills, business networking, when to assess loans for business expansion etc.