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Counseling was held for all those who took part in BECE  KYS exams 2011
Date:   12/03/11


Mr. Chairman, Ag.  CEO of FOSPA VISION International Foundation, Examiners, invited guests, wards and parents gathered here, distinguished KYS examinees. It is my pleasure to witness this occasion as a reality when the idea of KYS exams was born barely five months ago. KYS means ‘Know Your Strength’-it is an examination scheme designed to test the capabilities of those preparing to write their final exams.

The idea of this KYS exam is to instil the spirit of independence in all finalists such as BECE candidates, remedial students, SHS candidates and any form of professional program, KYS exams expunges the true reflection of a candidate’s state of preparedness as to whether or not one will fail or pass the impending final exams. This exam broadens the horizon of a candidate and helps every candidate to work on his or her weakness, hopefully, such a student, after passing KYS exams must pass the WAEC exams with distinction.

Mavis Afrane(Acting CEO of FOSPA VISION)

Mr. Chairman, president of Dakhall Institute, Examiners, invited guests, parents, ladies and gentlemen.  FOSPA Vision International Foundation deems it great to have organized this counseling session for KYS examinees and the general public. As an  NGO, our main activities involves giving counseling on career, looking for jobs for job seekers, giving some form of sponsorship to students who are brilliant but needy and creating awareness among the youth ,the pandemic  HIV/AIDS and other health related diseases. We have also been issuing sponsorships for degree programs such as Law and other related professional courses such as Tax and Insurance.