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Section F (To be completed by SHS students)
FOSPA Vision is an NGO while BBOLSA is a student group (an association). BBOLSA (British Bachelor of Laws Students Association) mentors those who have an interest in reading LAW in future. 

FOSPA Vision helps students in terms of career counseling to choose the right career of their choice in future including nursing, teaching, professional coursesand the other relevant University programmes. FOSPA also organizes events activities.  The NGO helps people to learn a vocation of their choice free of charge. Some of the vocations include decoration, hairdressing, hair plaiting, dressmaking, bread baking, restaurant management etc. The NGO shall provide logistics to start a business after completing a particular vocation. Certificates are issued to those who successfully go through the vocation training.

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Contact us on or call 0265998850. Both groups look for jobs for SHS graduates while in the house.