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The NGO above has decided to promote the study of Law within the Ghanaian society.  Under the NGO’s educational sponsorship scheme, University of London LLB Ghana students are going to benefit from part sponsorship on their local tuition fees.The LLB will qualify one to continue to the Ghana Law School if one wishes to practice as a lawyer.The LLB degree is issued by the University of London.

The NGO has signed an MOU with DAKHALL LTD to provide students for local tuition fee sponsorship every semester i.e JAN and SEPT. The MOU concludes that FOSPA Vision shall provide DAKHALL LTD twenty (20) LLB applicants who shall only pay 50% of the tuition fees charged by DAKHALL.

Please make sure you understand everything before paying your part of 50% to the NGO because financial commitments are not refundable including the cost of this sponsorship form. Buying the sponsorship form is not an automatic entry; you need to successfully go through our interview session and must fall within the sponsorship quota for that particular year.

1.After the completed form has been submitted, the beneficiary shall be invited for an interview.A letter shall subsequently be given to the applicant showing the results of the interview.

2.You are to become an active member of BBOLSA i.e British Bachelor of Law Students Association-Ghana.

3.The sponsorship allow an applicant to have a tuition at DAKHALL.

4.Duration for the LLB shall depend on the entry qualification. Details could be found on the fee structure enclosed. The sponsorship package shall cover your entire duration with DAKHALL renewable per annum.

5.A beneficiary shall only 50% of the local fees charged by DAKHALL. All external fees to the University of London are excluded.

6.An interview fee shall be paid before the interview.

7.An individual CV must be attached to the completed form before submission.

8.One passport picture should be submitted.

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NB: You can confirm the fees charged by dakhall, cost of this LLB sponsorship form, an interview fees or any other clarification through or