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Fospa Vision helps all those learning a vocation or trade and those who have vision to start their own business, to establish on their own after they have completed. The NGO shall give them the money they require to start that business. To qualify for that amount, one has to be a member for a minimum of 2 years. Members shall meet once a month. Graduation shall be held every year for our members who shall complete their work and certificates shall be given to them. The NGO find jobs for SHS graduates. We also issue certificates to masters.

(NB:  print out the form and complete it. Registration of GH¢50 must be added upon submission. Masters shall pay GH¢ 100)

Section A (General Information)

Date of birth:*
Tel No(s):*
Home town:*
If Christian, name of church:*
Level of education:*
Which of these categories do you belong to: *
Who introduced you to the NGO:*
Contact number of the person:*

Section B (To be completed by an apprentice)

Where do you work:*
Location of work:*
When did you start the work:*
When do you want to finish:*
Duration of apprenticeship:*
Where do you stay:*
House Number:*
Whom do you stay with:*
Contact of the one you stay with:*
Marital status:*
Number of children:*
Name of master:*
Contact of master:*
Do you belong to any association? *
If Yes, name of the association:
Would you want the NGO to establish you after the apprenticeship? *
Would you want to hold an executive position in FOSPA Vision?*
There are five executive positions, tick which one you shall be interested:*

Section C (To be completed by those who are working)

Where are you working?*
Describe your duties:*
What time do you report at work:*
Time you close*
How many days do you go to work in a week:*
Tick your salary range: *
How much does it cost you in terms of transportation in a month?*
Do you have plans to continue your education? *

Section D (To be completed by masters only)
FOSPA Vision shall issue certificates to masters who do not have. There shall be workshops to equip those who lack certain skills in their work. After six months of membership, a master shall qualify for a loan payable within 6, 8, 10, or 12 months from Progrex Finance Ltd which is a sisterorganisation to the NGO.

Nature of your profession:*
Name of the job:*
Location of the job:*
How long have you being as a master:*
When did you start as a master:*
How many shops/offices do you own:*
Where are they located:*
How many people have you trained:*
Currently, how many apprentices do you have:*
Would you want the NGO to give you fresh apprentices to train them:*
List all that you do:*
List those skills you want to learn in future:*
Marital Status:*
Number of Children:*
Do you attend any group meetings:*
If Yes, where:*
Name of the group:*

Section E(To be completed by those who want to learn a vocation-Free of charge)
Fospa Vision helps all those who want to learn a vocation or trade and those who have vision to start their own businesses. The NGO shall send you to learn a vocation of your choice without paying anything. Officers of the NGO shall conduct a background checks about any new applicant to ensure such a person is of good character. If our member misbehaves after we have sent the applicant to the learning centre, the NGO reserves the right to sack him/her from the place.


Full Name:*
Date of Birth:*
Tel No(s).:*
Home Town:*
If Christian, name of Church:
Vocation you want to enter:*
Where do you Stay:*
House number:*
Whom do you Stay with:*
Marital Status.:*
Contact of the one you Stay with:*
Have you given birth?*
If yes, how many?*
Level of education?*
What have you done before in your life?*
Where do you want to learn the vocation?*
If not your locality, whom would you stay with?*
Upload your Passport Picture:*