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Industrial attachments or internships are available for all post-SHS courses or tertiary programmes. What the NGO does is they send interested students or applicants to various places for their attachments.Register now at our office.

The NGO pays local tuition fees for students offering University of London Bachelor of Laws programme (LLB), Taxation and Insurance.  All beneficiaries under the sponsorship scheme pursue their LLB, Tax or Insurance here in Ghana. Those who are interested in the sponsorship must complete the on line form and send GH¢ 300 airtel money to 0269-717 510 or Mobile Money to 0544 750 230. Remember to send your name as a text to the same number for identification.


The NGO undertakes many volunteering services within and outside Ghana. Areas volunteers shall work include general cleaning exercises, teaching, HIV/AIDS awareness creation, protesting against human rights abuses and child labouretc.The NGO is looking for volunteers between the ages of 17 and 36. Apply now to become a volunteer in this foundation.

 We send the vulnerable to learn any vocation of their choice (free of charge). If you know someone in your locality interested in learning a vocation, kindly bring the person to our office to register. The picture gallery shows some of the people learning various vocations through our office. We issue certificates and establish them after apprenticeship.